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THE Podcast of Naval Wargaming! The show focuses on naval miniatures gaming, but also discusses board games, video games, history, and pop culture related to ships of all types.
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Aug 31, 2020

Ruckdog and Landlubber are back with another jam-packed episode of the MBS Podcast! First up, they discuss Command and Control mechanics and Fog of War in naval games. In the second segment, they discuss Oak & Iron, the new Age of Sail game from Firelock Games!

Jul 25, 2020

Greetings! After an extended hiatus, Ruckdog and Landlubber are back with a new episode! They start off by catching up on what they've been up to over the last 7 months. Next, Landlubber asks Ruckdog some questions about his recent deployment. Finally, they discuss a few upcoming releases that they are both excited about. 

Dec 8, 2019


After an (unintenionally) long delay, Episode 43 of the MBS Podcast is here! Greg and Andy catch up a bit, and then spend a little time looking back at 2019 and looking forward to what 2020 may have in store!

This will unfortunately be the last episode for about 6 months, due to Andy's upcoming deployment. MBS will be back and better than ever starting in June/July 2020, so see you then!

Jul 7, 2019

Greg and Andy are here once again for another episode of the MBS Podcast! This time around, they are discussing the seeming explosion of new naval games that have recent arrived or have been announced. This then leads into a discussion about the ups and downs of the naval gaming market as a whole.


Jan 20, 2019

Set Condition 1 Throughout the ship! Greg and Andy are back for Episode 38 of the MBS Podcast, and this time it's a Battlestar Galactica blowout! First up, Andy interviews Andrea, one of the main designers for the new Battlestar Galactica Starship Miniatures Game. Later, Greg and Andy do a full review of the game.

Interview with Andrea Angiolino: 39 Min

BSG Starship Miniatures Review: 1Hr 15 Min

=Links Discussed In the Show=

BGG Battlestar Galactica Miniature Game Page

Ares Games Page


Sep 3, 2018

Attention all hands, Episode 34 of the MBS podcast has arrived! This month, Greg and Andy discuss the changes that come with game editions, focusing on X-Wing 2.0 and Dystopian Wars 3.0. Later, they discuss a few of their favorite naval history books in a new segment called the MBS Bibliography!

Edition Changes: 32 Min

MBS Bibliography: 1 Hr 23 Min

=Links Discussed In the Show=

Starfleet Museum

X-Wing 2.0

Dystopian Wars 3.0

Shattered Sword

The Dardanelles Disaster

American Battleships 1886-1923

The Pacific Crucible

Aug 11, 2018

Greg and Andy are back with Episode 33 of the MBS podcast! This month, our hosts return to the Naval Game Mechanics topic to discuss Critical Hits and their role in Naval Games. Who doesn't like a good, old-fashioned Magazine Explosion now and then? Later, they do a review of the Solitare/Co-op board game Nemo's War by Victory Point Games, which is based on the Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Critical Hits: 45 Min

Nemo's War Review: 1 Hr 32 Min

=Links Discussed In the Show=

Nemo's War

20000 Leagues Under the Sea at Project Gutenburg


Jul 20, 2018

Better late than never, it's Episode 32 of the MBS podcast! In this episode, Greg and Andy sit down with Derek, the creator of Sky Relics. Derek provides some insights into the full story on the game's creation, some background on its setting, and the pros and cons of running a successful gaming Kickstarter. Later, Greg and Andy discuss the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of their own experiences as Kickstarter backers

Sky Relics Interview: 34 Min

Kickstarter Experiences: 1 Hr 30 Min

=Links Discussed In the Show=

Silent Death

Sky Relics



Jun 10, 2018

Episode 31 of the MBS podcast has arrived! This episode, Greg and Andy discuss the pros and cons of "defined" movement systems (i.e. using a grid of hexes or other shapes) in naval games. Later, they talk about some of the amazing miniatures that are being produced that are not tied to a specific game or rules system.

Defined Movement: 33 Min

Games-Agnostic Minis: 1hr 14 Min

Links Discussed:


May 6, 2018

It's time for Episode 30 of the MBS podcast! This episode, Greg and Andy interview the "Two Johns," the fine gentlemen behind Topside Minis, and discuss all of the neat things they have planned over the next year. Later, Greg and Andy review World of Warships Blitz, the mobile version of the World of Warships game for Mac/PC. 

TSM Update Interview: 52 Min

WoWS Blitz Review: 1hr 34 Min

Links Discussed:

Hurricane Season Scenario 1

Mar 26, 2018

Dale is back on Ruckdog's Report to discuss The Expanse, an awesome book and TV series! They first do a spoiler-free discussion of the setting as a whole, and why you might want to check it out if you haven't yet. After a spoiler warning, they then discuss the impending Season 3 of the TV show, and how it might adapt some of the events from the books. Finally, after yet another spoiler warning, they have a no-holds barred discussion of everything, up to and including the most recent book, Persepolis Rising!

Feb 10, 2018

Greetings! This month on the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy tackle two great topics. The first is Ship Miniature Identification; how do you tell what ship is what and who it belongs to on the table? Later, our hosts discuss space combat in the Star Wars universe, and why it seems like Star Destroyers always seem to be exploding!

Ship Miniature Identification: 44 Min

Star Wars Space Combat: 1hr 23 Min

Links Discussed:

2018 MBS Painting Contest



Jan 31, 2018

This time around, I take a look back at some of the games from my collection that came out between 2010 and 2012. Was this a "golden age" of sorts for naval gaming?

In addition to the audio format, I've also posted a video version to the MBS YouTube channel!

Dec 29, 2017

It's time for the next Ruckdog's Report! This time around, Andy is discussing the challenges associated with trying to manage multiple content "streams." How does he decide what to post on the MBS Blog vice covering on an episode of the MBS Podcast? How does he figure out what should be in the next MBS Youtube video? Tune in and find out!

Dec 11, 2017

Greg and Andy are back in Episode 25 of the MBS Podcast with their second annual Year in Review! During their discussion, Greg and Andy touch on such topics as the health of the Class A naval game market, the continued viability of X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing, the sale of Hawk to TTC, and the fall of Spartan. 

Year in Review Part 1: 47 Min

Year in Review Part 2: 1 Hr 39 Min


Oct 29, 2017

Ruckdog is back with the second episode of the newly independent Ruckdog's Report! This time, he is joined by Dale, who was on the MBS Podcast back in episode 16 when he helped Greg and Andy review Star Trek Ascendancy. This time, Dale and Andy discuss all of the big news that has been happening with Star Trek over the last 6-7 months, including the new expansions for Ascendancy, the launch of Star Trek Discovery, and The Orville, which may just be the best Star Trek series that isn't a Star Trek series. Oh, and some side-conversations about 40k might have snuck in there too. Thrill as Andy can't figure out if we are talking about Star Trek or Star Wars! Chill as both Dale and Andy struggle (and ultimately fail) to come up with Seth Green's name! It's all there and more in this month's Ruckdog's Report!

Oct 5, 2017

Greetings! In Episode 23 of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy discuss the big news about Warcradle purchasing US, DW, and FSA from the dearly departed Spartan Games. Next, they dig into the first ever MBS Faction Showcase, which is dedicated to the Fortune Hunters from DeepWars, by Antimatter Games. In the second segment Greg and Andy review the Naval Command ruleset, from Rory Crabb games.

Fortune Hunters Faction Showcase: 54 Min

Naval Command Review: 1 Hr 21 Min


==Links Discussed in Show==

The Fortune Hunters

Naval Command Rules

Warcradle Studios

Sep 16, 2017

As discussed in Episode 22 of the MBS Podcast, Ruckdog's Report has been spun off from the main show to allow for expanded discussion! Join Ruckdog for the first episode of the newly independent Ruckdog's Report, as he discusses gaming spaces. 

Aug 6, 2017

Greetings! In Episode 21 of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy discuss some of their favorite book series where naval combat plays a central role. Later, they take a look at the most popular naval miniatures scales for historical minis and the pros and cons of each. major changes that have been made in the 2.5 edition of Dystopian Wars. Then, Andy discusses his experiences at Historicon 2017 in this month's Ruckdogs Report!

Naval Reading: 13 min

Naval Miniatures: 1 Hr 12 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 1 Hr 54 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Honor Harrington

Star Carrier

Horatio Hornblower

The Destroyermen

GHQ Models

Topside Minis



Jul 4, 2017

Greetings! In Episode 20 of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy discuss some of the major changes that have been made in the 2.5 edition of Dystopian Wars. Later, they take a look at the boardgame They Come Unseen from Osprey Games, and Andy ruminates on edition changes in this month's Ruckdogs Report!

DW 2.5 Initial Look: 31 min

They Come Unseen Review: 1 Hr 23 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 8 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

DW 2.5 Changes

Spartan Games

They Come Unseen

Osprey Games


May 1, 2017

Greg and Andy are back for Episode 18! In this episode, they discuss the origins of the various different types of warships in history, and how they have influenced our favorite naval miniatures games. They then take a quick look at some recent updates in the realm of naval video games, before moving on to do an in-depth review of Grand Fleets 3rd Edition from Majestic 12 Games!

Types of Naval Ships: 40 min

Naval Video Gaming Update: 1 Hr 49 Min

Grand Fleets 3rd Edition Review: 1 Hr 59 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 46 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

US Navy Ship Classifications

Majestic 12 Games

Grand Fleets 3rd Edition

GF3 Stat Calculator

World of Warships

BFG Armada


War At Sea Expansions


Mar 2, 2017

Episode 16 is here! This time around, Greg and Andy are joined by Dale to talk about the shooting mechanics used in a few popular naval miniatures games. Later, the trio dig into a detailed review of Star Trek Ascendancy. Finally, Ruckdog discusses his process for choosing a faction in a minis game.

Shooting Mechanics: 32 min

Star Trek Ascendancy Review: 1 Hr 32 Min 

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 39 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Hawk Wargames

Star Trek Ascendancy


MBS 2017 Painting Contest

Feb 7, 2017
Episode 15

In Episode 15, Andy and Greg are back INNNNN SPAAAACE! Joined by Damion from the Hot LZ podcast, in the first segment they take a look at the background history and factions for the Dropzone/Dropfleet universe, created by Hawk Wargames. In segment two, Greg, Andy, and Damion delve into a a detailed review of the latest Class A space gaming goodness, Dropfleet Commander! Also in this episode is an interview with Eric Louchard of Antimatter Games, and Ruckdog talks tournament preparation.

Dropfleet/Dropzone Background & Faction Overview: 54 Min

Eric Louchard Interview: 1Hr 50 Min

Dropfleet Commander Review:  2 hr 14 Min

Ruckdog’€™s Report: 3 Hr 35 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Hawk Wargames

The Hot LZ

Deep Wars 

MBS 2017 Painting Contest


Jan 2, 2017
Episode 14

It's time for Episode 14, the first episode of the MBS podcast for 2017! Following up on their discussion from Episode 13, Greg and Andy tackle the concept of boarding in space naval games. They are then joined by Josh Linde, aka Spartan Linde, to discuss all the cool Spartan Games events coming to this year's Adepticon. Later, Greg and Andy review the game Deep Wars by Antimatter Games. And finally, they round out the episode by discussing their gaming New Years resolutions!

Space Naval Boarding: 27 Min

Spartan Linde Adepticon Interview: 1Hr 24 Min

Deep Wars Review:  1 hr 43 Min

Ruckdog’€™s Report: 2 Hr 20 Min

2017 Naval Gaming Resolutions: 2 Hr 28 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==


Deep Wars 


The Way Gate Blog

2017 MBS Painting Contest Rules

Dec 5, 2016
Episode 13

Lucky Episode 13! For this episode, Greg and Andy tackle the concept of boarding in naval games, and then do their second Naval Gaming Year in Review. Later, Andy chimes in with some lessons from Pearl Harbor that are applicable to naval gaming, and then Greg and Andy round out the episode with a discussion of the DW Kickstarter!

Naval Boarding: 29 Min

Year In Reveiw: 1 hr 13 Min

Ruckdog’€™s Report: 2 Hr 14 Min

DW Kickstarter Discussion: 2 Hr 23 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Poseidon's Warriors

Dystopian Wars Kickstarter

Sails of Glory

Dropfleet Commander

Attack on Pearl Harbor: Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions, by Alan Zimm


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