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THE Podcast of Naval Wargaming! The show focuses on naval miniatures gaming, but also discusses board games, video games, history, and pop culture related to ships of all types.
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Aug 6, 2017

Greetings! In Episode 21 of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy discuss some of their favorite book series where naval combat plays a central role. Later, they take a look at the most popular naval miniatures scales for historical minis and the pros and cons of each. major changes that have been made in the 2.5 edition of Dystopian Wars. Then, Andy discusses his experiences at Historicon 2017 in this month's Ruckdogs Report!

Naval Reading: 13 min

Naval Miniatures: 1 Hr 12 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 1 Hr 54 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Honor Harrington

Star Carrier

Horatio Hornblower

The Destroyermen

GHQ Models

Topside Minis



Jul 4, 2017

Greetings! In Episode 20 of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy discuss some of the major changes that have been made in the 2.5 edition of Dystopian Wars. Later, they take a look at the boardgame They Come Unseen from Osprey Games, and Andy ruminates on edition changes in this month's Ruckdogs Report!

DW 2.5 Initial Look: 31 min

They Come Unseen Review: 1 Hr 23 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 8 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

DW 2.5 Changes

Spartan Games

They Come Unseen

Osprey Games


Jun 11, 2017

Greetings! This month, Greg and Andy are very excited to welcome Mr. Jonathan Parshall to the show to discuss the Battle of Midway, which happened 75 years ago this month. Jon is the webmaster of, the foremost web resource on the Imperial Japanese Navy. He also co-authored the book Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway. Later, Andy recounts the experiences he had escorting veterans of the Battle of Midway to commemorative events in the Washington, DC area!

Jonathan Parshall Interview: 12 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 1 Hr 21 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

US Navy Midway 75th Celebration

Shinnentai's Naval Miniatures

Shattered Sword


May 1, 2017

Greg and Andy are back for Episode 18! In this episode, they discuss the origins of the various different types of warships in history, and how they have influenced our favorite naval miniatures games. They then take a quick look at some recent updates in the realm of naval video games, before moving on to do an in-depth review of Grand Fleets 3rd Edition from Majestic 12 Games!

Types of Naval Ships: 40 min

Naval Video Gaming Update: 1 Hr 49 Min

Grand Fleets 3rd Edition Review: 1 Hr 59 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 46 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

US Navy Ship Classifications

Majestic 12 Games

Grand Fleets 3rd Edition

GF3 Stat Calculator

World of Warships

BFG Armada


War At Sea Expansions


Apr 4, 2017

Greg and Andy are back this month with an update to a topic they last discussed way back in Episode 2: Class B Naval Games! Next, they take a look back at the history of MBS, which turns 5 years old this month. Later, they talk about their favorite Hollywood movies that feature naval combat, and Andy rounds out the show with an event report on Adepticon 2017.

Class B Games Update: 34 min

MBS At 5 Years: 1 Hr 12 Min

Naval Combat At The Movies: 1 Hr 28 Min

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 15 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

The Admiratly Trilogy

In Harm's Way

Naval Command

The Way Gate


MBS Painting Contest Voting

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Mar 2, 2017

Episode 16 is here! This time around, Greg and Andy are joined by Dale to talk about the shooting mechanics used in a few popular naval miniatures games. Later, the trio dig into a detailed review of Star Trek Ascendancy. Finally, Ruckdog discusses his process for choosing a faction in a minis game.

Shooting Mechanics: 32 min

Star Trek Ascendancy Review: 1 Hr 32 Min 

Ruckdog’s Report: 2 Hr 39 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Hawk Wargames

Star Trek Ascendancy


MBS 2017 Painting Contest

Feb 7, 2017
Episode 15

In Episode 15, Andy and Greg are back INNNNN SPAAAACE! Joined by Damion from the Hot LZ podcast, in the first segment they take a look at the background history and factions for the Dropzone/Dropfleet universe, created by Hawk Wargames. In segment two, Greg, Andy, and Damion delve into a a detailed review of the latest Class A space gaming goodness, Dropfleet Commander! Also in this episode is an interview with Eric Louchard of Antimatter Games, and Ruckdog talks tournament preparation.

Dropfleet/Dropzone Background & Faction Overview: 54 Min

Eric Louchard Interview: 1Hr 50 Min

Dropfleet Commander Review:  2 hr 14 Min

Ruckdog’€™s Report: 3 Hr 35 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==

Hawk Wargames

The Hot LZ

Deep Wars 

MBS 2017 Painting Contest


Jan 2, 2017
Episode 14

It's time for Episode 14, the first episode of the MBS podcast for 2017! Following up on their discussion from Episode 13, Greg and Andy tackle the concept of boarding in space naval games. They are then joined by Josh Linde, aka Spartan Linde, to discuss all the cool Spartan Games events coming to this year's Adepticon. Later, Greg and Andy review the game Deep Wars by Antimatter Games. And finally, they round out the episode by discussing their gaming New Years resolutions!

Space Naval Boarding: 27 Min

Spartan Linde Adepticon Interview: 1Hr 24 Min

Deep Wars Review:  1 hr 43 Min

Ruckdog’€™s Report: 2 Hr 20 Min

2017 Naval Gaming Resolutions: 2 Hr 28 Min

==Links Discussed in Show==


Deep Wars 


The Way Gate Blog

2017 MBS Painting Contest Rules